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If you need help buying food, you are not alone. Thousands of New Yorkers are reaching out for help in this tough economy. For them, the federal Food Stamp Program is a simple, dependable way to buy food in times like these. Food stamps can be just as reliable for you, too. And as the major hunger relief organization for the five boroughs, the Food Bank For New York City works hard to connect eligible New Yorkers to food stamps, a key piece of the public safety net.

For assistance finding out if you are eligible for food stamps, click here to skip to the appropriate section.

You can also help other New Yorkers who may be having trouble affording food. Groups that are often difficult to reach include families struggling to afford food, recently unemployed, seniors and people with disabilities. If you know someone in these or any other groups who you think may need help, please refer them to the Food Bank For New York City.

To find out if you are eligible, call our Food Stamp Information Line (212-894-8060). The Food Stamp Information Line is open Monday–Friday, 9am–4:30pm. Once you call, Food Bank benefits specialists will conduct a short food stamp pre-screenings — a short, free and confidential interview to determine if you or your family are eligible for food stamps. In addition to the Information Line, the Food Bank supports dozens of sites citywide where trained food stamp specialists conduct in-person pre-screenings. 

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Food Bank also offers in-person application assistance using an electronic process that is the easiest and fastest way to submit a food stamp application. After a pre-screening is conducted, If you or your family is determined to be eligible for food stamps, our specialists will put you in contact with one of our application assistance sites.

A new service, SNAP EASY ACCESS, allows you for the first time to go to a community-based organization in your area and...

  • Apply or recertify for SNAP benefits
  • Submit requested documents needed to complete your SNAP application or recertification
  • Report changes in your household

Get more details here.

To have additional questions answered now, browse our FAQs below.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question graphic I own a home and have money in the bank. Could I still be eligible for food stamps?
Answer graphic Yes. The Food Stamp Program provides assistance based on income. It does not count your home as a resource. You can also have money in the bank and still qualify for food stamps.
Question graphic Where can I use food stamps?
Answer graphic Most everywhere. You can use food stamps at participating supermarkets, bodegas, farmer's markets and co-ops. Food Stamps actually help your community by bringing federal money into these local businesses.
Question graphic Is it hard to apply for food stamps?
Answer graphic Not at all. If you need additional help there are programs in the community that can assist you in completing and submitting your application. Check back on this web page soon for a list of community-based sites supported by the Food Bank's Food Stamp Training & Advocacy Program. You might even be able to conduct your application interview over the phone. For more information call Food Bank's Food Stamp Information Line (212-894-8060).
Question graphic How do I use food stamps?
Answer graphic

Using food stamps is easy and discreet. Just shop for your food, go to the checkout and pay with your food stamp debit card.

Note for immigrants: Many immigrants who were not eligible before can now get food stamps. If you are an immigrant who is not eligible, you can still apply on behalf of your eligible children. Applying will not affect your immigration status.

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