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Food Bank For New York City

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Food Industry Donations

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Donations of product from food companies is central to the Food Bank's ability to provide meals for New Yorkers who struggle to afford food. With 1.4 million New Yorkers — including 1 in 5 children — relying on emergency food your donations are critical.

How to Donate
For food industry donors, click here. If you are not from the food industry, please select the appropriate action to your right.

Immediate Food Pickup
The Food Bank's fleet of trucks is on hand to pick up your donation anywhere in New York City.

Streamlined Warehouse Management System
Your food donation will be stored in our state-of-the-art 90,000-square-foot warehouse using our scannable bar-coding system.

Efficient Distribution
Your donation will be quickly distributed to New Yorkers in need through our approximately 1,000 member programs, which are monitored to ensure that donated product does not reenter the marketplace.

Instant Feedback
Your donation will be tracked, documented and receipted.

What To Donate
The Food Bank accepts anything from cases to truckloads of produce, dry-stored, refrigerated, and nonperishable or frozen food and nonfood items. Please consider donating the following:

  • Surplus product
  • Short-coded productNonfood items
  • Cosmetically damaged items
  • Bulk and raw materials/ingredients
  • Mislabeled or unlabeled items
  • Discontinued, test-market and private-label brands
  • Customer returns
  • Promotional items
  • New product intros

Contacts for Food Industry Donations

Donating to the Food Bank is time- and cost-efficient. To make a food industry donation, simply contact:


Food Sourcing Team
212-566-7855 x2250

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